The online access to the conference is hosted via ZOOM, and here is your joining instruction:

Please click the link below to join the conference:

Meeting ID: 840 9981 6646
Passcode: 083963

We will open ZOOM 15 minutes before the session starts so you have time to test your connections.

If you haven’t installed the ZOOM app, you can download it from here:

>> It is important to type your full name while joining the online conference for the certificate of attendance, and any unrecognised name will be removed from the webinar immediately! <<

You can show or hide the chat area by clicking the “Chat” button, feel free to type your question or comment by using the chat area.

Your mic will be muted on arrival, you should see the “Mic” icon appear when the panel member enables your mic, you should also see a message box as below:

Click “Unmute” to activate your microphone, and you are ready to talk.

You can check your microphone status by checking the “Mic” icon.

Mic is on:

Mic is off:

It’s essential to mute your microphone when you finish talking as you might broadcast your background noise to the webinar.

Like many other webinar platforms, ZOOM will compress the video and audio quality for you if you have a slower internet speed, so the quality of your viewing/listening experience depends on your internet speed. You can check your internet speed via:

Hope to see you at the event!


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